10 Electric Cars Available Nationwide

While you may only find a few of these cars at a dealership near you, you should find all of these BEVs available nationwide in the U.S. if you’re willing to place an order.

Just like anything else, there may be exceptions and it’s not always cut and dry. Depending on which car you choose and where you live, there is surely the potential to run into issues, but it’s definitely worth a try. A handful of these cars are WIDELY available nationwide, meaning they’ll show up at most dealerships and you shouldn’t run into a problem.

With that being said, if you live in a less populous state, or even in a remote city, you may have to drive some distance to a metropolitan area. Nationwide availability only guarantees that the vehicle is available in at least one dealership in each of the 50 states. Generally, most dealerships are not going to stock many BEVs since these cars make up such a tiny fraction of overall sales. Some dealerships may not stock them at all, but should be able to order one for you. However, there’s not a guarantee that you won’t have to travel a reasonable distance to take delivery or even have to pay to have it shipped.

For each model listed below, we’ve attempted to secure as much information as possible regarding availability to assist you in the buying process. However, automakers aren’t always very transparent when it comes to the availability of these vehicles. To compare vehicle specs, consult our Compare EVs tab in the top left corner of our homepage.

BEVs available nationwide

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