10 Electric Cars Available Nationwide

Nissan LEAF – 2018 LEAF EPA Range 151 Miles

The LEAF has been available throughout the U.S. for years. However, due to a late, slow start with production of the new 2018 model and a lack of 2017 inventory, it hasn’t been very easy to get one as of late. Nissan is building inventory now, so that’s beginning to change.

BEVs available nationwide

Tesla Model S and X – EPA Range From 238 Miles To 335 Miles

Tesla has a limited number of stores throughout the country, and you should be able to get a Model S or X in many locations, but with new delivery timelines, you may have to wait four or five months. While the automaker uses an online custom ordering system, inventory vehicles are also available in decreasing quantities. However, there still eight states that either ban or limit Tesla’s direct sales model. Michigan, Texas, Utah, Connecticut, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma don’t allow the automaker to sell its cars at all. New York allows sales but limits the number of “dealerships” to five in the entire state.

BEVs available nationwide

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