10 Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Cars

Despite the rising popularity of electric cars, there are many who don’t fully comprehend what it means to own one; how the vehicle differs from a conventional gasoline-powered car, for example, or how the driver’s responsibilities change with the different powertrain.

Thanks to companies like Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA), more people have a better grasp on how electric vehicles work — what their benefits are and where their shortcomings lie. However, mass adoption of electric vehicles is still elusive, in no small part due to a lack of supporting infrastructure or the kind of support that gasoline-fed cars receive.

Nissan (NSANY.PK), maker of the Leaf — one of, if not the most popular electric cars on the road today — launched a Q&A initiative on its website to help educate others about the benefits of electric cars. The kicker was that the answers posted were from existing Leaf owners — not the company itself. Anyone is able to ask whatever questions regard EVs that are on their minds, and the Leaf owners will respond with firsthand anecdotes and answers.

We’ve highlighted a few of these questions after the jump. Many were in direct relationship to the Leaf itself, but we’ve chosen some that apply to electric vehicles at large — from the mighty Tesla Model S to the mini Mitsubishi MiEV. A shout out to our friends at Green Car Reports for bringing this to our attention.

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