10 Quickest Plug-In Electric Cars From 0-60 MPH

Electric cars are known for their instant torque and seamless acceleration, but these models are certainly a step above the rest.

Time and time again we hear about Tesla vehicles’ incredible acceleration. In fact, the Model S P100D is arguably the quickest production vehicle to date (although the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon claims to be quicker) and the Model X is surely no slouch (Jeep previously called its new Trackhawk the world’s quickest SUV). Additionally, the Model 3 has been shown to hold its own against some pretty tough competition.

Some will argue that the zero-to-60-mph metric isn’t important. This is especially true if you talk to ICE lovers that are discounting electric vehicles or people that are trying to discredit Tesla. However, it’s important to note that it’s the only speed metric the average driver gets to experience in everyday driving and it can prove highly advantageous.

While top speed is a stat to tout, unless you’re breaking the law or taking your car to the races (or you travel regularly on the Autobahn), it’s rarely something that you’ll use.

No other pure electric cars can pull off the zero-to-60-mph sprint quite like those of the Silicon Valley automaker’s flagships. However, there are a handful of other plug-ins (some of the plug-in hybrid variety) that pack plenty of giddyup. While Tesla’s vehicles won’t impress everyone when it comes to top-end power or top speed, some cars on this list are plenty capable in other areas.

Check out the top 8 plug-in EVs, according to manufacturer-reported zero-to-60-mph times.Black Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid

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