15 Cheapest Electric Cars in 2018 with Exclusive Deals

Looking for the best electric car options at the best price? Finally, there are loads of great and affordable options in the $30,000 range–with some nice deals even below that price! It’s a great time to jump into an electric car or plug-in hybrid. Innovation, technology and consumer demand are finally intersecting to make owning an electric car easier than ever before. Couple that with the widespread adoption of charging stations across the United States, and consumers don’t have to worry about being stranded without a way to power up. The top electric cars have ranges over 100 miles, making your commute and daily errands a breeze without any extra charging. If you do elect for a plug-in hybrid, then you have the convenience of switching over to a different energy source once your battery runs out.

Ready to hop in an electric car without busting your budget? Here are the 15 cheapest electric cars with the best deals.

Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe


If you love having a small car to navigate through the busy streets, then you should familiarize yourself with the offerings from Smart. Equipped with an 80-horsepower electric motor, this small two-seater is rear wheel drive. Its true speed is found in the battery charging, where it be fully charged in just three hours. However, the range on the Smart Fortwo isn’t as far as some of its competitors. At only 58 miles per charge, you may want to connect during the workday.

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