17 Fastest Electric Cars… Er, Quickest

What’s the fastest electric car on the market? I think you can guess, but what about?

First of all, let’s get a little perspective in here. A car’s quickness is generally rated by how fast it goes from o mph to 60 mph (or 0 km/h to 100 km/h outside of the USA and a few other places). But there are other ways to measure it — o mph to 30 mph, o mph to 15 mph, etc. The thing about electric cars is that they have instant torque, which gives them a huge jolt of power right off the line, something that conventional gasmobiles simply can’t match. To visualize that a bit, here’s a simple graph via DesignNews (via the Union of Concerned Scientists):

instant torque graph

That’s why a Tesla Model S P85D can smoke a Ferrari or Lamborghini off the line.

This instant torque and the many benefits it offers is one of two key reasons that I think electric cars will quite quickly take over the automobile market. (This is the other reason.)

But anyhow, a car’s 0–60 time is the standard by which we typically measure how quick (or fast, if you’re not being precise with your use of language) a car is, so that’s what I’m using in this article to rank the top 10 quickest “electric cars on the market.” Just keep that instant torque thing in mind and be sure to share that graph with your uninitiated gearhead friends.

As one more intro point before jumping into the list, I put “electric cars on the market” in quotation marks like that because some cars are supposedly “on the market” but are basically unattainable. The $1 million Rimac Concept_One, for example. Wonderful car, and supposedly goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, but come one, we can’t have a $1 million car on this list.

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