5 Electric Vehicles That Were Total Flops

Smart fortwo electric drive

Smart fortwo Electric Drive

For a generation weaned on Viagra commercials promoting a solution for “ED,” the association did not do wonders for the half-pint Smart Electric Drive, which went by the same abbreviation. Then again, this two-seat electric car didn’t have great specs for consumers looking to leave gas pumps behind. Capable of traveling only 68 miles on a full charge, the Smart fortwo ED never really had the ability to go beyond 30 miles in one direction. Oh, and it maxed out at 74 horsepower.

But the real kicker came with charging. If you wanted to replenish the battery, you could not fast-charge Smart’s electric car, and it would take over 6 hours to get the battery to 100%. What’s the pitch, exactly, for this car? In its peak year (2014), Smart ED sold 2,594 units, or about 215 a month. Maybe the strangest part is the updated model, which improves only slightly on range (by 10%) and cuts charging time down to 3 hours. We hope those zero-emissions credits are worth it.

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