5 Major Obstacles for Electric Vehicles in America

There is a severe lack of electric car marketing: Tesla doesn’t advertise on TV; GM did a poor job getting word out about the Volt; and Ford just released its first ad for the Focus Electric in 2015. Even worse, salespeople have been seen steering shoppers away from plug-ins at the dealerships. Facing such an uphill battle, it’s no wonder just 20% of people NREL surveyed said they were considering an EV for their next car purchase. If major automakers want to sell more of them, they’re going about it in a funny way.

Media coverage

Elon Musk showcases the Tesla Model X

Outside of Tesla, is there any electric vehicle getting any press? Not really. Tesla has stock speculation and “cult of entrepreneur” appeal for media outlets. Emissions reductions and practical cost-savings are far less sexy, and thus the media is happy to avoid all most other EVs in regular news coverage. Considering energy independence and the respiratory health of U.S. citizens are at stake here, that’s a shame. It took until the debut of the Model 3 to really shake up the world media. Before that, one in two U.S. consumers couldn’t call out an EV by name.

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