6 of the best: Electric cars

Could this be the year when you make the leap from fossil fuels to plug-in motoring? The options for doing so are getting better all the time… The new year has only just begun, but we can confidently predict that it will see a greater take-up of electric cars than ever before. That’s because government incentives continue to encourage buyers towards them – and penalties for running what are seen as more polluting vehicles are getting increasingly punitive. It’s also because electric vehicles are getting better and better all the time. Yes, range anxiety is still a concern – EVs don’t typically get as far on a full charge as a petrol or diesel car will on a full tank, and ‘refuelling’ takes a great deal longer. But as the technology develops, this concern is gradually easing. If you can live with their range restrictions, anyway, the best EVs offer all the benefits of a traditional car – with the added attraction of costing pennies to run. Here’s our selection of the best models currently on the market – plus a couple more which are set to shake things up in the near future.

Kia Soul EV

Its interior feels cheaper than you’ve a right to expect from a £29,995 car. But the Soul EV is smooth and quiet – and with plenty of get-up-and-go, it’s actually better to drive than its petrol brethren.

Nissan Leaf

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