7 Reasons Electric Cars Are the Future in America

We are the first to acknowledge the problems standing in the way of full-scale electric vehicle adoption in America. Until costs come down and range gets better, auto consumers will rely on more practical gasoline options available and deal with the consequences.

Some day, the option to choose a gas guzzler won’t be so simple. Depending on the rising temperatures, state emissions caps, and the number of attractive EVs on the market, consumers won’t have many reasons to choose a polluting automobile when a true zero emissions vehicle is the alternative.

That day may arrive sooner than we think. Here are seven reasons widespread electric vehicle adoption is inevitable in America.Focus Electric Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Electric vehicles are more efficient

Even when gasoline prices were plummeting in late 2014, U.S. consumers continued buying plug-in EVs, and the reason was their superior efficiency. Unlike gas cars, an electric car delivers the same efficiency for the life of a vehicle, regardless of prices at the pump. Because of this fact, plug-in cars have a huge upside when compared to gas alternatives.

Take the success of the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV). Though not available in the U.S., home to the world’s largest EV market, the Outlander PHEV ranked second in global EV sales in 2014. About 90% of drivers’ trips are possible without using gasoline in a PHEV, and that efficiency sells itself.

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