Best electric cars of 2018: Audi E-tron, Tesla Model S, Jaguar I-Pace and more

The electric car market has grown substantially over the past 12 months. New arrivals, such as the Tesla Model 3 saloon and Volkswagen e-Up!, now offer buyers a hi-tech EV for the price of a mid-range petrol car.

More budget electric cars are expected to launch this year, while the Tesla Model S is likely to gain new rivals higher up in the market.

Here are the EVs set to steal the headlines in 2018:

Audi E-tron

As the countdown begins until the launch of Audi’s first mass-production EV, critics have been getting behind the wheel to deliver their verdicts.

According to Auto Express, the new E-tron [pictured top] could prove to be a key competitor for the Jaguar I-Pace “when it comes to tech, space and ability”. The German car is “crammed with technology” and its electric motors provide plenty of power.

Other hi-tech features include a self-levelling air suspension system, which lowers at higher speeds to help reduce drag and improve battery consumption, says CNet. The system can also raise the car for driving on rocky and steep surfaces.

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