Here Are The 10 Longest Range Electric Cars Available In the U.S.

Tesla Model S

Range: 275-337 miles; 92/105-97/100 mpg-e. Still the winner and long-distance champion among EVs, the flagship Tesla Model S sedan can run for as far as 337 miles in its top P100D model which also features the tire-burning Ludicrous mode that enables a 0-60 mph sprint in a scenery-blurring 2.5 seconds.

You could drive from Chicago to St. Louis and still have kWh left in the tank with these range-topping EVs.

It’s all about operating range when it comes to electric cars, with the best of the genre able to run for a several day’s drive on a charge, but with the worst barely able to make it out to the suburbs and back without having to be tethered to an outlet.

Tesla still leads all automakers when it comes to operating range, with its flagship Model S sedan in its top P100D version able to run for as much as a claimed 337 miles on a charge; it also includes a Ludicrous mode that affords, well, ludicrous acceleration with a 0-60 mph run at a Ferrari-busting 2.5 seconds. Even the 75D iteration that comes with the car’s smallest battery in the line nets an estimated 275-mile range.

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