Need Juice? Best American Cities for Charging Your Electric Vehicle

If you can’t charge’em, you can’t drive ‘em. That’s one of the realities and, because of the limited range of many options, a stumbling block for widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S. Nonetheless, there are places where someone without a private garage or a long-range Tesla can enjoy the pleasures of EV driving, and the number is growing by the week.

ChargePoint, the top provider of charging stations in the world, recently listed the cities where plug-in vehicle drivers have it best in America. To determine where drivers would have the easiest time charging up before, during, or after a trip requiring substantial range, the company factored in available charging stations versus population and number of registered EVs in metropolitan areas.

Here are the 10 cities that are most accommodating for EV drivers in 2015. In hopes of raising the question of actual green benefits of plug-in use in each city, we add information about the electric grid power mix wherever available. Special thanks to ChargePoint for supplying registration details for each city.City Officials Urge Portland Residents To Boil Water After E. Coli Found In Water Tests

Portland, Ore.

It only take a few sketches from Portlandia to understand how much people care about the environment (well, care about most things) in this great Pacific Northwest city. Portland residents not only have great access to charging stations, they also benefit from one of the country’s greenest electric grids to power their EVs.

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