New cars for 2018: Upcoming electric cars

Tata Motors is expected to launch three electric models, two hatchbacks and a sedan, while Nissan will bring its hatchback to India in 2018.

The ‘people’s car’ just got a new lease of life (and a new name) by means of an all-electric powertrain. Called the Tata Neo, this electrified version of the Nano is expected to launch later this year. The Indian carmaker is first targeting the electric taxi segment where players like Ola and Bengaluru-based Lithium cabs use the Mahindra e2o, exclusively. There are two versions of the Neo EV – the fleet or taxi version will come with a modest 48V motor, while the passenger version will get 72V.

We expect the Neo EV to be superior to the Mahindra e2o, offering better performance and a longer range. Price-wise, as well, it should be significantly cheaper than the Mahindra. Back in 2010, Tata Motors showcased a Nano EV concept at the Geneva motor show that came with a super-polymer lithium battery and promised a driving range of 160km per charge.

Coming: 2018
Propulsion system: 30kW electric motor
Price: Rs 6.5 lakh

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