Revealed: Every electric and hybrid car that will be on the Irish market over the next five years

Virtually every make here will have an ‘electric’ model of some sort on the market within a couple of years, a survey by Independent Motors reveals today.

Some already have several all-electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrids on the market or due over the next couple of years, the survey shows.

And the results confirm how hybrids and plug-in hybrids are increasingly viewed as major ‘stepping stones’ away from pure petrol/diesel engines and, ultimately, towards full electric vehicles.

The survey shows how the swing to ‘electric’ in some shape or form is gaining significant traction – certainly in terms of what car makers are planning between now and 2020/2025.

Opel for example say their electric Ampera-e will be here by 2019 and expect it to account for 7pc of their entire fleet within a year.

A number of others are expecting exponential growth over the next three to five years.

A number of those who participated emphasised how important government strategy and policy will be in encouraging more people to take the first steps towards electrification, as current buying levels are low.

Here is what individual marques told Independent Motors:


They are bringing their first production fully electric vehicle to the market next year with an e-tron Sportback following the year after. By 2020, they will have three all-electric vehicles. And from 2021, all core-model series will be electrified: plug-in-hybrid (PHEV), full electric (EV) or Mild Hybrid (MHEV).



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