Ten Electric Cars We’re Excited About In 2018

BMW i8 Roadster

Yes, it’s just a BMW i8 without a roof. And yes, it’s taken BMW an unholy amount of time to get around to it, but the i8 Roadster is still a thing of beauty (how on earth did BMW’s designers manage to keep the flying buttresses despite decapitating it?).

It also coincides with a mid-life update for the i8 so the electric motor now produces 143bhp – up 12bhp, taking the car’s total petrol and electric output to 374bhp. The electric-only range tops 30 miles now, too. And because the Roadster only weighs 60kg more than the Coupe, it’s still fast – 0-62mph in 4.6secs and 155mph flat out.

Polestar 1

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