The 10 Leading Electric Vehicles Ranked by Cost Per Mile of Range

Range anxiety has been the rage in electric vehicle critiques for years, but studies say most available plug-in cars would get the job done 95 percent of the time. Those numbers were crunched by Columbia University scholars using data from the massive National Household Travel Survey by the U.S. Department of Transportation a few years back. In the end, they found all but 5 percent of trips made by U.S. drivers lasted under 30 miles.

Using the benchmark of 30 miles for the average trip, even the EVs with range-extending gas engines (e.g. the Chevy Volt) would cover most miles logged on electric power alone. It’s enough to make a Saudi oil magnate (or a Chevron executive) toss and turn at night. For consumers who prize range above all else, Tesla has the car that continues to reign as the vehicle capable of the longest distance on a single charge.

But what about the cost per mile of electric range? addressed that very conundrum in a recent article. In fact, Mojo went so far as to create a stat for Cost Per Mile of Range (CPMR) using the sticker price of electric vehicles (pre-rebate) divided by the number of miles the automobile could cover on a full battery charge. Here are the top eleven electric vehicles ranked by CPMR. The electric equivalent of miles per gallon (MPGe) were included for additional perspective.BMWi3(14)

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