The 15 Incredible Electric Vehicles From The Geneva Motor Show

In Tour de France terms, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) is a reminder that the peleton is chasing down Elon Musk’s lead in a Tesla.

China is about to become a global superpower on the electric vehicle front, either via the numerous European brands it now owns, or through its own national cars.

And while the debate over self-driving and when fully autonomous vehicles will be legal continues, the electric car is here now and has been for a decade, with dozens more in the pipeline, from the Aston Martin’s luxury Lagonda to the tiny Italian Microlino.

Some car companies, such as Mercedes and BMW, argue diesel will still have a place, but they’re also investing in electric, and others are backing hydrogen fuel cells. In Geneva, few announced new cars that didn’t at least have a hybrid option.

And when energy companies such as Chinese giant Envision, the wind turbine, tech and energy management software business are involved in collaborations and concepts, amid countless tech entrepreneurs, you know it’s going to be a highly competitive and contested space in the coming years.

Here are some of the electric vehicles that stood out at the Geneva show, which ended on the weekend.

Aston Martin’s Lagonda ‘Vision Concept’

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