The 20 Fastest Electric Cars That Go 0 To 60 MPH

You may be under the impression that electric cars are slower than their petrol or diesel cousins, however that is not necessarily the case. While electric top speeds have so far failed to match those of their petrol cousins, they can pack a lot more power off the line, with the powerful batteries providing immediate torque, and as such they can race off the line faster.

If you’re in the market for an electric car so that you can help the environment, reduce your emissions, or just keep your car taxes relatively low, then this list will provide you with the fastest of the bunch.

Keep in mind – there are some surprises getting to 60mph in under six seconds, and some pretty affordable options too. Out list includes some fully electric cars and some hybrids, and whether paired with a petrol or a diesel engine, the electric motors can provide extra power off the line and can cut emissions quite drastically.

Electric cars may not always be associated with speed, power, or drag races, but they can sure hold their own. Everyone knows that Tesla cars are going to lead this list, but will they be the fastest to 60, or will another speedy eco-car pip them to the post? There’s only one way to find out…


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