The 20 Fastest Electric Cars That Go 0 To 60 MPH

Electric cars are still struggling to become an affordable option, especially cars that can get from 0-60 in under 6 seconds. Unsurprisingly, the Audi is no different. For your £36,465, (over £5,000 more than the non-electric version) you can just manage to squeeze into the 6 second bracket, but you will also get the full Audi experience. The A3 is a sporty hybrid with all the bells and whistles, from Active Lane Assist (whatever that means) to LED headlights and pedestrian recognition.

Stylish as any Audi (and strikingly similar to the regular petrol A3), Audi have treated their existing customers with the comforts of a car and a style that they already know and love, the only changes being on the inside. The secondary engine doesn’t need recharging very often, but only lasts for 29 miles without the help of its petrol-powered counterpart.


As with the Audi, you can plug in this stylish Mercedes at any regular plug socket as well as dedicated power charging stations dotted on our roads. The 350e not only beats the A3 in a drag race to 60mph, but also in battery-powered range. With a range of 31 miles, it’s still not enough for long journeys, but useful for congested city centers or nipping to the shop.

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