The five new electric car models coming to Australia

The electric car charge is powering up. Over the next year, five new models of electric vehicles (EVs), with friendlier price tags, are expected to land in Australia, with even more on the way after that.

Are EVs about to have their iPhone moment, going from the cars on your wish-list (Telsa) to the everyday?

Given there’s a slew of new EV models from every big car manufacturer expected to hit dealerships from now through to 2020, very possibly.

Lack of choice has often been cited as the reason for Australia’s lacklustre take-up of EV’s compared internationally, but that is about to change.

We’ve found the five most promising, interesting and best value EVs scheduled to arrive in Australia over the next 12 months. Warning, – you may want one.

Tesla Model 3

Due for Australian release: Mid 2018.

Price: tbc but circa $50,000

It’s now five years since Elon Musk shook up the motoring world with the Tesla Model S, making even the most traditional motoring enthusiast covet its sleek lines and incredible acceleration. Tesla made EVs cool, but with an entry-level Model S wearing a $100,000 plus price, they were well out of the price range of many.

Turns out Musk has egalitarian ideals and is now launching a more affordable Tesla – the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 in silver
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