These Electric Cars Won’t Be Around Much Longer

There’s one tricky aspect to this period of electric vehicle development. As battery prices inch toward affordability and automakers continue upgrading existing models, it’s rendered several EVs obsolete within a few years’ time.

Take the lesson of the Nissan Leaf, the world’s best-selling electric car to date. For 2016, Nissan bumped the range of its compact EV to 107 miles. Two years later, the 2018 edition featured 151 miles.

Now that details on the 2019 Leaf emerged (over 200 miles and 200 horsepower), it won’t be long before the preceding models start seeming inadequate. As Ford begins ditching its sedan lineup and other automakers start prepping their first legitimate EV, there will be some deals on the current generation.

Here are a few buyers should consider targeting in 2018.

Ford Focus Electric

By the time Ford got to a respectable range with Focus Electric (115 miles), other models (especially the Chevrolet Bolt EV) had left it in the dust. These days, Ford dealers are selling 50-odd units nationally, so we can expect this experiment to end soon.

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