Top 10 Best Electric Cars 2018

It’s easy to think about electric cars as a new idea, but it’s been in the 19th century. The buyers have given up on the romance with them because of gasoline and diesel, but now the electric cars come back and are better than ever.

There are new automobiles on the market, bringing more car buyers to change their pump.

Most of the electric can now travel more than 100 kilometers per charge – up to 300 kilometers in some cases, and their charging time has declined. Batteries are also smaller and lighter due to these packages, efficiency, and driving.

The government expects half of all new cars sold in 2027 will be powered by batteries and the number of startup stations will increase.

Mercedes-Benz EQ

Best Electric vehicle

Jaguar will have Audi and Mercedes behind racing to sell EVs to SUVs. This is the creation of EQ, which is the EV EV’s initial EV concept in the EQ banner, and the features are similar to the I-Pace.

It has two electric motors for the front and rear. MOT has promised to have more than 400 horsepower. And $ 516 for Generation EQ’s “most powerful” generation, which could see these SUVs at 62mph in less than five seconds. The total capacity of the battery is 70kWh and the range is supposed to be 310 miles. Can be charged wirelessly or by wire.

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