Top 10 Best Electric Cars for 2018

When talking about the best electric cars, you’ll rarely finish the discussion without the word ‘Tesla’ popping up mid conversation.

Yes we all love Tesla and there’s no doubting the quality of their cars, but many people don’t realise there are now plenty of incredible (and often more affordable) alternatives on the market.

We’ve created this guide to cover all the best electric cars on the market in 2018, including a couple of the best new Tesla models for good measure.

Jaguar I-PACE

The recent release of Jaguar’s brand new electric ‘I-PACE’ model has taken the industry by storm. It’s being hyped as the best of a new breed of uncompromising electric vehicles which not only takes on its fossil fuel predecessor, but outperforms it. One of the first electric SUVs, it not only trumps the original F-PACE which it supersedes, but it’s also in strong competition with Tesla’s Model X (also a stand-out electric SUV).

The Tesla Model X will set you back a minimum of £79,000, whereas the Jag  I-PACE starts at just £63,000. But does it stand up to the Tesla?

The best electric car of 2018?
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