Top 10 Best Electric Cars for 2018

This thing will do 300 miles on one charge. That’s impressive. Before its release, you had to pay upwards of £60,000 to own a new car that will go that far before needing a re-juice.

The Hyundai Kona Electric starts at around £30,000 – at just half the price of the Jaguar iPace, you can see why they’re calling it a game changer!

Hyundai Kona Electric 2018

Range aside, at a weight of 1.7 tonnes, it’s a bit heavy and not the most practical car – and it doesn’t feel quite as fast as many other slicker EVs.

But it’s got all the features you’d want in 2018 – including a charging pad with higher-end models. The handling isn’t the best but it’s comfortable, and with 300 miles of range for £30,000 it’s generally hard to quibble!

This one should definitely be on your short list.

Price range: from £25,000

Distance on a full charge: 200-300 miles

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