Top Best 10 Electric Car Myths

With an ever increasing number of mainstream manufacturers getting into the electric car business, it is remarkable that electric car myths still persist, even as the palette of choices becomes more and more broad. With the industry still in its infancy, the current selection of electric cars ranges from a bare bones no frills model in the form of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, to a mid-line popularly priced model in the Nissan LEAF, to a full-on luxury sports sedan in the form of the Tesla Model S.

Still, even with the successful proliferation of these products, a great number of people believe living with an electric car is a folly fraught with considerable risk. Chief among these concerns is the range afforded drivers of electric cars. Many people still think an electric car is likely to leave them stranded on the side of the road somewhere completely out of charge.

This is largely due to the fact most people greatly overestimate how far they drive on a given day. Meanwhile, a number of studies have revealed the average American only drives some 40 miles or less on a typical day. Given the fact pretty much every battery-electric car on the market doubles that quite easily, this concern is somewhat unfounded.

There are a number of other generally accepted electric car myths; these include…

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