Top Best 10 Electric Car Myths

Electric Cars Cost Too Much

It is true electric models appear to cost more than similar petroleum powered models initially. However, there are all sorts of government subsidies in place to bring the cost of electric cars more into parity with internal combustion based ones. Further, an often-overlooked factor is the price of fueling and maintaining an internal combustion automobile. With literally hundreds of moving parts, a petro-fired automobile requires considerably more maintenance than an electric car. Further, think of all the expensive petroleum-based liquids conventional cars need; transmission fluid, motor oil, brake fluid, and gasoline/diesel. Electric cars have far fewer moving parts, many of which require no lubricants. Further, all of the tune-ups and filter changes required by petroleum-powered cars aren’t needed for electric cars. There is no fuel filter, there is no air filter, there is no oil filter, and there are no spark plugs. Subtract the cost of maintenance along with the reduced price of fueling the vehicle, along with the government subsidies offered to offset part of the purchase price and the electric car actually works out to cost less in the long run.

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