Top Best 10 Electric Car Myths

Electric Cars Don’t Reduce Air Pollution

This school of thought goes the electricity used to charge the car’s battery pack had to come from somewhere, and more often than not, that somewhere is a coal-fired electrical generation plant. In fact, some naysayers have gone as far as to posit, electric cars aren’t really electric cars at all, they’re coal cars, in the same way as a diesel locomotive, even though it is powered by electricity, isn’t an electric train. While there is some truth to this argument, it overlooks the fact not all powerplants are coal fired. A considerable amount of electricity is hydro, generated by falling water at dams. Further, there are more wind farms and solar farms generating electricity than ever before. When compared to the amount of pollutants emitted from burning gasoline and diesel fuel in cars, electric cars produce considerably less pollution. Plus, in the case of electricity generated from wind and water power, electric cars produce no emissions at all. As more carbon-free solutions for generating electricity come on line, this will improve even more.

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