Top Best 10 Electric Cars On Sale Now

lectric cars are everywhere now. Despite their still relatively small market share, electric cars are impossible to miss. Supermarket parking lots, parking garages, and even gas stations are are filling up with EVs—for good reason.

With electric car development gaining speed across the industry, the cars are becoming more usable, more user-friendly, and more affordable—though EVs make up less than 1 percent of cars sold in the United States, subsidies and a marketing push by automakers are driving more consumers to buy these earth-saving vehicles. There are around 30 different electric car models to choose from now, and more OEMs than ever bringing electric or hybrid-electric cars to the market. So how do you actually choose which one would work well for you?

We can help. The Drive has put together a list of the best electric cars on the market right now. We’ve searched far and wide for the right options, road-tested them, and spent enough time with each car to figure out which would work as the best daily drivers for you, our reader.

The list we’ve put together is made up of both gas-electric hybrids and full-electric cars—all of which are already on the market can be bought. There’s a range of affordable electric cars, luxurious EVs, and back-road friendly electrics as well. Basically, if you’re interested in an EV, there’s a good chance there’s one for you on this list.

Toyota Prius Prime – $27,100

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