Top Best 10 Electric Vehicles in 2018

Auto Industry these are moving from a transition. The transition is not a new thing; the industry has evolved over a short span of time since its inception. The Electric Vehicles are the next big thing that has acquired the market in its totality. They are coming as an obvious choice in the market looking at the market scenario.  The industry will soon to be flooded with the electric vehicles in the coming times. And more varieties and models of the electric vehicles are yet to come in the market.

The electric vehicles can be more precise if we use the word “electric cars”. The electric cars in the market are flooding this time around. More and more companies and producers are interested in building up the huge empire of the market, to harness the market this time.

BMW i8 Roadster

BMW has its entry in the electric vehicles’ market. It is ready to take off with the i8 Roadster that will be the company’s first card. Now, quite of you will be thinking about the decision to be a random one. But actually it isn’t. The company has been working for long to take up the interest in the market. And finally the company was ready to have its plan for the electric car.

The Roadster with its powerful engine and the power of 143bhp- up 12bhp will take over the market with its fantastic grille design. It is a wonderful model that will only be a cheery on the cake for the BMW’sesteem. It soon going to work on the improvements required in the model. All I can expect is it will take the competition to a new level.

BMW i8 Roadster

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